Graduating Seniors of Communication Studies
Visited Schools in Hualien County and Wore           Their Graduation Gowns
to Reflect Their Memories of Serving There




Text/Photo: Chia-Yi Lee




Three seniors of the Department of Communication Studies, Bo-Chong Lu, Quan-Zhu You and Cheng-Zhe Lu, are going to graduate in June. Like most university students, they took photos wearing their graduation gowns at places where they have fond memories, and Le He Elementary School is one of them.


Starting in 2010, Professor Ming-Hsien Lee and Communication Studies students joined in project “Read for the Future” sponsored by Commonwealth Magazine Education Foundation, and carried out at Le He Elementary School. Le He Elementary School is located in Yuli, and it’s around 100 kilometers from Hualien. TCU tutors left Hualien for Yuli at 11 a.m., tutored school pupils from 1:50 to 3:40 p.m., and came back to Hualien around 6 p.m. As a result of their continuous efforts, they have deep feelings towards Le He Elementary School.


Bo-Chong Lu grew up in Hualien, yet he is unfamiliar with Yuli and went there only once in a while. Four years ago, Bo-Chong was invited by his senior schoolmates to take part in this project, and he has been happy to serve there for four years. Bo-Chong spent time helping pupils, and he also learned from them. He learned to communicate with those who are younger and from different backgrounds, and sometimes he needed to deal with students’ conflicts. He received more than he gave. Last year, he spent six months doing his internship and was unable to serve at Le He. This year, pupils welcomed him back by calling his nickname “Sponge Brother,” and he felt touched. In his mind, pupils might have forgotten his name, but in fact they didn’t. He realized that as long as he keeps going there, pupils will always remember him.


Serving at Le He is a special experience for Quan-Zhu You. The school’s principal, director and teachers were very good to TCU students. In addition to serving at Le He, Cheng-Zhe Lu also tutored at other schools in Hualien. Le He is located in a small town, and compared to schools in Hualien, it has fewer resources. Thus, tutors did not just read story books with pupils, but taught them to analyze and observe news events, as well.


“We make a difference.” Although Le He used to be quite distant, it’s not so anymore, for TCU students are now familiar with it and have many good memories of it. These graduating seniors wore their graduation gowns at Le He, used cameras to record their unforgettable memories, and documented their transformation from regular students to vigorous volunteers.